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Motion Picture Animal Wrangling
Standing among the cameras and lights, props, grips, sound technicians, and an occasionally over-stressed Director, is the Animal Wrangler. Working with only hand gestures, it is their job to direct the animal actors to hit their marks.

Sometimes these professionals need to get into wardrobe and work their magic in front of the camera too, without you ever seeing their cues. You can see many of our wranglers in costume and ready for action on our wranglers page.

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Animal Actors

A good portion of this site is dedicated to the talented animal actors we are honored to work with on daily basis. A seasoned group of professionals, they know how to help you get your day!

We've supplied everything from trick horses, moose mascots, big cats & charging Brahma bulls... to scorpions, rats, beavers, lemurs, monkey bartenders, gargling roosters & break-dancing ducks.

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Our experienced stunt performers ensure that you get your action shots safely...on time and on budget.

Wagons, Coaches, Cutters and Stages
Whether you need a covered wagon to get the early immigrants to Californy... or a vis-à-vis for a buggy ride through Central Park, you will find what you need on our Wagons page, with plenty of horse-drawn vehicles to choose from. We also supply period props & saddles and also contemporary tack & equipment of all types.

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Experienced, Professional & Ready to Roll.
We are always prepared for action on your next production.

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