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Animal Actors

Experienced Movie Animals for all your needs.
Our Professional & compassionate training will help you get your day.



Apes & Monkeys

Camels & Llamas

Reindeer & Exotic Deer

Native Animals - North America

Misc - Zebra, Reptiles, Lemurs, Kangaroos, Yak, Rats




Farm Animals
(Cattle Goats Pigs Sheep Rabbits)

You may recognize some of our working animals,
from Draco on the TV Series 'Due South' to Dalton McKitty on Whiskas commercials.


From flying reindeer on 'The Santa Clause' to a Chinese Crested Leading Lady on 'NY Minute',
we ensure our animals are always comfortable working on set.


From 'Mooseport' to the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival'...


Or almost anything else your script requires...


From CG rigs to monkey jockeys...


Whether it's for Medieval Knight themes or a Love Guru...


We're always ready for new adventures.

Please contact us for anything that isn't shown on this site.

There are also many photos of our past work,
so some animals may no longer be available.

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